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"I have been living here for the past year. I learned about Sharan from the website, and immediately made up my mind to spend the last days of my life at Sharan. Here, residents are cared for in every...

— Vasant Agwan

"I have spent 16 years at the home. I like Sharan so much that I have never considered going to another home. Here, we receive regular medical check-ups and do not need to go outside the home to receive...

— Sunita Jaiwant
Suryakant Jamadar

"I come from Gulbarga in Karnataka. In 2005, I fell from an electrical pole while working. I underwent surgery, following which I was paralyzed from the waist down. After coming to Sharan, my condition...

— Suryakant Jamadar

"I have been living at Sharan for the last three years. I come from a rural area, where we did not have access to any facilities, such as hospitals and roads. I have received a lot of support and guidance...

— Minakshi Jadhav
Varsha Rajaram Shilare

"I have been living at the centre for the last four years. Before coming here, I didn’t know what paraplegia was. Coming here has showed me that I am not alone. We receive a lot of support and encouragement...

— Varsha Rajaram Shelar

"I am Ankush from Maharashtra. I fell from a tree ten years ago, and was bedridden for five years owing to my lack of information about spinal cord injuries. I then came to Mumbai for treatment, and was...

— Ankush Landage

"I came to Sharan in 2010. At the time, I had no idea of how I would live life as a paraplegic. Coming to Sharan has transformed my life. Sharan taught me to cope with my disability through physiotherapy...

— Naveen Thakur

"A few years ago, I met with a severe accident that rendered me immobile. Coming to this centre has significantly improved my physical condition – I am now able to walk without assistance. I have also...

— Sarika Thombre

"I met with an accident in January, 2012 and was operated on at MGM Vashi. I was brought to Sharan after my operation. At Sharan, I have received the support and guidance to work hard to overcome my...

— Sanjay

"I came to Sharan following a motor accident in January 2016. Through the training and motivation that Sharan has given me, I am able to walk independently. Today, I have the means to be financially independent...

— Santosh Nishad

"I have been staying at Sharan for the last nine-and-a-half years. My stay has benefitted me a lot – I am a changed person, since the time I came here. The residents are provided very good facilities...

— Manohar Batija

"I have lived in Sharan for the last seven years. Sharan makes available every facility and convenience that we need. The community here is more warm and welcoming than even my own home! We also participate...

— Rohini Chakote

"On November 12, 2016, I will have completed four years at Sharan. I have stayed at several old age homes, but I am most comfortable at Sharan. The food is enjoyable and we participate in several events...

— Kumudini Parvate
Joyce Wilson-Nichols

"I have lived in Sharan for the last five years. My son and daughter-in-law’s house is quite small, and, having sold my own house, Sharan has become a home away from home for me. Sharan is a very pleasant...

— Joyce Wilson-Nichols
Paraplegics benefited
Senior Citizens

our mountain climbers

Minakshi Jadhav
Minakshi Jadhav

Minakshi comes from Satara district. She was a student in the 12th standard when she became...

Ankush Landage
Ankush Landage

Ankush comes from Ahmednagar. After four years of confinement at home, he came to Sharan. He was...

Rahul Shelke
Rahul Shelke

Rahul comes from Nanded. He was a construction site supervisor and fell from the 11th floor...

Sheetal M. Korkote
Sheetal M. Korkote

An SYBA student. Sheetal was a victim of a road traffic accident. She came here as a completely...

Shivaji Shinde
Shivaji Shinde

Shivaji was a contract employee of MSEB. While working on a live wire, he suffered an electric shock...

Tumpa Kalu Pal
Tumpa Kalu Pal

Tumpa was working as an assistant to a dancer and choreographer. She fell down from the...

Savita Rathod
Mrs. Savita Rathod

Savita comes from the nomadic Banjari community. She was a helper at a construction site...

Sandhya Penkar
Mrs. Sandhya Penkar

Sandhya was a victim of a road traffic accident. She was a stenographer with...

Madhukar Patil
Madhukar Patil

Madhukar was a resident at Cheshire Home, Andheri before, coming to Sharan as his family...

Ravindra Dangwal
Ravindra Dangwal

Ravindra comes from Dang Village in Uttaranchal. He was a student in the 9th standard when he...

Matrulal Gupta
Matrulal Gupta

Matrulal became paraplegic at a very young age. He had undergone a very difficult phase in his life...

Chandrakant Jadhav
Chandrakant Jadhav

Chandrakant was an 11th standard student when he became paraplegic. Like any other boy of...

Mohammed Jinnah
Mohammed Jinnah

Mohammed comes from Murzidabad, West Bengal. He was a casual labourer in the construction...

Rafiq Rashid Sheikh
Rafiq Rashid Sheikh

Rafiq was a hawker at Mumbra. When the Municipal Authorities sought to evacuate the premises...

Yogesh Panchal
Yogesh Panchal

Yogesh was a victim of a road traffic accident. Sharan has trained him in self-care and counselled him in...



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